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Dock 7 Materials Group, LLC

Specializing in exporting agricultural plastics.


Dock 7 Materials Group, LLC is a global recycling business dealing in plastic scrap, pellets, e-scrap, and other feedstock commodities for supplying mechanical and chemical/advanced recycling facilities. Our primary materials include agricultural, post-consumer, and post-industrial plastics such as LDPE, HDPE, PP, EPS, PET, and more.

Dock 7 is proud to have clients throughout the world, in addition to processing capabilities in Southeast Asia. Our customers feel confident knowing that we have the technical expertise in the materials we sell and the experience to arrange both small and large shipments. Dock 7 specializes in the agricultural plastics sector and deals in all types used for farming, irrigation, transport, and packing. We have a wealth of experience in bringing these materials to market through solving complex logistical and collection challenges. Available for consulting and special projects in this industry.